Esther R. Sanger Center for Compassion, Inc.
Advancing a Culture of Compassion
Mission Statement & History

Esther R. Sanger Center for Compassion Philosophy and Mission

The Esther R. Sanger Center for Compassion is dedicated to advancing a culture of
compassion. We strive to fulfill this mission through a commitment to meeting the needs of the
disenfranchised and marginalized members of the South Shore community.

By design, we depend on volunteers who we equip, empower, and enable to provide a helping
hand, a listening ear, and a kind word for our neighbors in need. By emphasizing volunteerism,
we build partnerships that help caring individuals be good neighbors to the less fortunate. This
approach strengthens the sense of community and provides hundreds of people with a way to
outwardly express compassion for their fellow human beings in the midst of crisis.

We have always served those outside the system - those marginalized by a system too big to be
personal or those so over-whelmed by crisis that they don’t know where to turn. Our programs
respond to the whole person - body, mind, and spirit - and they are designed to respond to unmet
needs through partnership with existing agencies.

We are a resource to churches, businesses, schools, and other nonprofits, helping them to bring
healing to the hurting parts of our community. We are particularly proud of our numerous
partnerships with schools-from elementary schools to colleges-since this work helps strengthen
compassion in the next generation.


Beginning in 1979, Esther R. Sanger started ministering to the homeless, serving food from a
van and counseling those who called her 24-hour hotline. She formally established the Center in
1981 to help individuals and families who are not reached by existing social service agencies.
Her goal was to provide a unique kind of caring for people in crisis. Today, the Esther R. Sanger
Center for Compassion continues her philosophy of providing care for people in crisis with no red tape.

The Center’s programs continue to be an important life line to those in crisis throughout the
South Shore. We provide much-needed services for people in crisis by giving support and
direction to those unable to cope with the daily routine of living due to trauma or circumstance.
We seek to help the total person— body, mind and spirit—while maintaining each individual’s
dignity and offering hope during a time of despair.

The Quincy Crisis Center is a program of the Esther R. Sanger Center for Compassion, Inc.
The Sanger Center also operates the Mary-Martha Learning Center in Hingham, MA. This is a
residential educational program for homeless families, primarily women with young children,
that provides educational and social services designed to assist students to achieve positive, long-
term changes in their lives and to gain financial independence.
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