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The Esther R. Sanger Center for Compassion is dedicated to advancing a culture of compassion. We strive to fulfill this mission through a commitment to meeting the needs of the disenfranchised and marginalized members of Boston's South Shore community. We invite you to look around our website to learn more about the work we do and find out about opportunities to partner with us in various ways. Thank you for stopping by.

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March 16, 2019


Dear Supporters of the Esther R. Sanger Center:


We write today to inform you of sad news. Due to a lasting significant financial deficit, the ERSCC will be closing on April 30th. About 6 years ago the Sanger Center Board, with the help of an outside consultant, began a self study and strategic planning process that resulted in the decision to move towards affiliating with another agency. The Esther R. Sanger Center for Compassion (ERSCC) and Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore (FHSS) had partnered together in various projects over the years and FHSS was an obvious option. The purpose was to strengthen both agencies, reduce administrative costs and improve both fundraising and service capacity. In 2014, the Sanger Center became an affiliated subsidiary of Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore and Rev. Herb Newell became Executive Director of both agencies. This transition has progressed over the last few years. By 2016, all ERSCC programs were being staffed by FotHSS employees (former ERSCC employees) and one board was governing both agencies. Throughout this duration, however, the financial situation did not improve and cash reserves have been exhausted, leading to this very difficult decision by the board of directors. 

 “Is there anything we can do? What about those who are being served?” These are good questions. The staff is working diligently to do the best that they can to connect clients with other resources. We are glad that there are many other resources available now in the City of Quincy and beyond. Even so, there is still work to do and holes to fill. ERSCC as it currently exists is not able to continue. It is our deep prayer and concern that the gaps that are created can be filled by other passionate organizations, churches, and individuals in the days to come. 

 When the compassion of Esther Sanger first began making itself known in the streets of Quincy back in 1979, there were few services available to those in need. So many of you know the countless hours, individuals, companies, and donations that have gone in and through the efforts of the Quincy Crisis Center, food distribution, the Mary Martha Learning Center, the hot lunch program, Home with Friends, the crisis hotline, and many other related efforts to provide services and resources while advancing a culture of compassion.

 We are grateful that in these last 40 years, so many thousands of people have given and volunteered. We are grateful for churches, institutions, and other organizations who have set aside resources and time to come alongside the effort. We are grateful for the dozens of staff members who have worked for less to be able to give more. While it is clear that this end is necessary, we want to celebrate the faithfulness of God and people.

 We invite you to join us as we do so:

  A Closing Service of Celebration of the Esther R. Sanger Center for Compassion

at the Wollaston Church of the Nazarene on Sunday, April 28 at 3:00 PM


We will remember, give thanks, and even lament a little bit. Please join us.


Grace & Peace,

Jeremy Scott, Chair, Board of Directors

Herbert Newell,  Executive Director, FHSS  

David Wooster, Program Director, ERSCC

Esther R. Sanger Center for Compassion, Inc.  PO Box 31 Quincy, MA 02170-0001

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